Pedicure & Manicure

Pedicure Options:  Classic, Paraffin, Sea Salt, Spa, and Spa & Hot Stone.

We have a ton of different pedicure options here at Wisdom nails and spa.  Whether you frequently get pedicures or are looking to try something new to help your feet.  Having options will keep your frequent visits fun, different, and it helps cater to each individual’s preference.

New To Pedicures?

Are your feet feeling or looking dry and rough? Is your toe nail paint chipping?  If you, like many others, experience dry, worn and rough feet due to the shoes you wear, being on your feet frequently, or just have feet that that could use a little pampering for other reasons, we invite you to visit us for a pedicure.  You will receive high quality treatment starting with sitting in one of our king massage pedicure chairs.  We will clean, scrub, massage, and pamper your feet back to new.

Regular Pedicure $20
Lemon Spa Pedicure $45
Feet Color Change $10

Manicure Options:  Classic, Paraffin, Gel Polish Only, Spa, Gel, and Gel with French.

French Manicure $15
Powder Filling $28
Spa Manicure $20
Organic Spa Manicure $25
Change Color $7

Try one of our luxury manicure options. We provide luxury manicures at affordable prices.  We have options to fit time requirements, relaxation and hand hydration needs, hand and nail needs, all with a high level of quality and satisfaction.

Wisdom nails and spa will leave your hands and finger nails cleaned, groomed, massaged and polished.  Our manicures take the polish change to the next level by adding in just a bit more service and relaxation to the experience.  New to manicures?  We use professionally cleaned and sterilized equipment. Opened fresh out of a package during your appointment. We do this to give each of our visitors peace of mind so they can enjoy their time with us to the fullest.