Spa Service

Regular Pedicure    –   $20
Regular Pedicure With Paraffin Wax   –   $25
Extra Callus With Paraffin Wax   –   $35


LEMON SPA   –  $45
This deeply invigorating treatment will enliven your feet, in turn relaxing your whole body. Lemon juice contains natural alphahydroxies that help to slough off dead skin cells from your feet. Lemon oil is antibacterial and a lymphatic stimulant.

**10 mins massage + extra callus


Experience the powerful, healing benefits of green tea. Soak in rich antioxidants, boost your skin’s immunity, detoxify and protect your skin. Rejuvenate and relax with nature’s greenest anti-aging remedy.

** 10 mins massage + extra callus


ORGANIC SPA   –   $65
Purissima organic pedicure line is a remarkable line of certified organic pedicure products. These wonderful products draw on the wisdom to create and maintain radiant, healthy, glowing, smooth skin. This natural healing system promotes physical and mental inner balance.

**10 mins massage + extra callus